CMU’s Office of Diversity Education

by klymyshyn | April 3, 2012 8:00 AM

Central Michigan University's Office of Diversity EducationThe Office of Diversity Education (ODE) on the Central Michigan University campus represents diverse backgrounds and cultures on campus and helps fulfill the university's mission to increase students' respect, acceptance, and understanding of diverse people. The Office coordinates diversity training and workshops conducted on and off campus, and also provides co-curricular activities that complement CMU's academic programs. These activities include art exhibits from around the world, concerts by contemporary blues, jazz, and other musicians, workshops on multicultural education, presentations by guest speakers, and more.  

The Office of Diversity Education and The Center for Inclusion and Diversity are open to the public weekdays from 8AM to 5PM (ET).

Office of Diversity Education

Bovee University Center 110C (within Center for Inclusion & Diversity)

Telephone: (989) 774-7318

Fax: (989) 774-1727

Director: Dr. Alexandra Ulana Klymyshyn

Administrative Secretary: Sarah Avery



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