A Father’s Day Message to the Rock of My Family

by Dr. Denise O'Neil Green | June 18, 2016 3:20 PM

My spouse and I were married in 1988.  Rock-of-My-Family-1We had our first child in ’89 and second in ’94.  He has been a great dad to our two children.  He practically raised them both.  While I was getting my Ph.D., he was making sure they were well cared for.  I had no need to worry.  For a short time, several of my peers didn’t even know I had kids because we were able to keep that aspect of family life separate from my studies.

As our children got older, he took them to school or practice and shared with them his values and life lessons on an on-going basis.

Rock-of-My-Family-2He has always been a dedicated dad.  However, when our son had a terrible accident he really demonstrated his love for them both.  Our son was in the hospital for 7 months, from April to November.  My spouse was by our son’s side everyday for roughly 5 of the 7 months.  He practically became a member of the staff at the hospital.  It was like clockwork, as he showed up when visiting hours started and left when they concluded for the day.

One day, he told our son that he was our miracle child because he survived such a traumatic car accident. Even though our son needs a wheelchair now, given the circumstances, things could have been so much worse.

While it has been over 5 years since our son’s accident, he still shows great care and concern for both his children, it doesn’t matter how old they are.

I just want to say to their dad: Thank you for being you, for sticking it out when things were extremely tough, and always doing what you think is best for us as a family. You are our rock and we love you for it!

With great love and affection,

Your Dearest,



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