100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women 2016: The Book

by Dr. Denise O'Neil Green | March 9, 2017 9:00 AM

The impetus for this book came when we, three Black Canadian women (Dr. Jean Augustine, Dauna Jones-Simmonds, & Dr. Denise O’Neil Green), were at a breakfast meeting and the question arose, “Where are all the accomplished Black Canadian women?”.  We realized that Black Canadian women have had a long history of quiet accomplishment that has, for the most part, gone under-reported. We wanted to highlight, document, and make visible the accomplishments of Black Canadian women, while simultaneously supporting the social, educational, political and professional advancement of Black Canadian women.

The bold and courageous women documented in this book have earned their place in this list of accomplished Black Canadian women through their diligent and tireless pursuit of their passion. Additionally, the differences among the women honoured in this book allow us to appreciate each woman’s unique pathway to contribute something heroic, in challenging the status quo, and tapping into something awe-inspiring and significant. Individuals that provided nominations for this book expressed high esteem, respect and mindfulness of the impact that these accomplished Black Canadian women had on their communities, families and their own lives.

“Who should read this book?”Everybody should read this book, especially young Canadians. This book speaks to a wide range of audiences – it’s a touchstone as well as a celebration of the extraordinary accomplishments of Black Canadian women from all walks of life. This book also will be an invaluable resource for Black Canadian community members and educators who will find that it is relevant to their work and life. This book tells the stories of Black Canadian women and the significant impact they have had on our country.

Quoted from 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women – 2016, pg. vii

About: The 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women

The accomplished Black Canadian women featured in the book are: Zanana Akande, Alda Arthur, Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine, Rose-Ann Bailey, Patricia Bebia-Mawa, Dr. Akua Benjamin, Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard, Stacey Berry, Margarett Best, Yvette Blackburn, Kay Blair, Yvonne Z. Bobb, Nneka Bowen, Marsha Brown, Karen Burke, Joan Butterfield, Evangeline Cain-Grant, Nalda Callender, Audrey Campbell, Donna Cardoza, Bernice Carnegie, Linda V. Carter, Grace Carter-Henry Lyons, Dr. Mary Anne Chambers, Floydeen Charles-Fridal, Pauline Christian, Daphne Veronica Clarke, Jennifer Clarke, Denise Cole, Senator Dr. Anne Cools, Dr. Afua Cooper, Dr. Rita M. Cox, Maria DaSilva Pascoal, Ettie Dawkins, Aissatou Diajhate, Debbie Douglas, Arlene Duncan, Madeline Edwards, Esther Enyolu, Wilma Francis, Janice Gairey, June Girvan, Dr. Avis Glaze, Kamala-Jean Gopie, Jenny Gumbs, Penelope Hodge (Anderson), MPP Mitzie Hunter, Thando Hyman, Marci Ien, Angela James, Dr. Dorothy Jarvis, Avril Vanessa Jno-Baptiste-Jones, Eunadie Johnson, Lillie Johnson, Sandra Jones, Sharon Joseph, Paulette Kelly, Delores Lawrence, Dr. Enid Lee, Camille Logan, Dr. Amal Madibbo, Shernett Martin, Notisha Massaquoi, Gwyneth Matthew-Chapman, Karine Morin, Evelyn L. Myrie, Dr. Remi Ogundimu, Cecile Peterkin, Gemma Raeburn-Baynes, Hon. Madame Justice Micheline Rawlins, Cynthia Reyes, Dr. Miriam Rossi, Ettie Rutherford, Rosemary Sadlier, Itah Sadu, Alison Sealy-Smith, Djanet Sears, Terese Sears, Archbishop Dr. Deloris Seiveright, Paulette Senior, Denise Siele, Liberty Silver, Nancy Simms, Jennifer Singh, Frances-Anne Solomon, Nadine Ann Spencer, Valarie Steele, Carol Sutherland, Dr. Kimberley Tavares, Tracey-Acadia Thomas, Yara Vasconcelos, June Veecock, Nerene Virgin, Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré, Sandra Whiting, Christine Williams, Dr. Dorothy W. Williams, Dr. Dorothy Wills, Carolynn Yvonne Wilson, and Stephnie Yarde-Payne.

Posthumous Honourees

The posthumous accomplished Black Canadian women featured in the book are: Rev. Addie Aylestock (1909-1998), Dr. Carrie Mae Best (1903-2001), Dr. Rosemary Brown (1930-2003), Rudolpha Hood (1913-2005), Andrea Lawrence (1964-2003), Kay Livingstone (1918-1975), Dr. Pearleen (Borden) Oliver (1917-2008), Eva Smith (1923-1993) and Aileen Williams (1924-2015).

The Book

100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women – 2016 EditionCopies of the book 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women – 2016 are available online at:

Book Proceeds

Partial proceeds from the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women – 2016 Edition book sales will be donated to three different not-for-profit organizations to support programs for marginalized Black women and girls.

For more information about the book, visit: www.100abcwomen.ca

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