EDI Tech Corner: 10 Must-Have Diversity Resources on Twitter

by Kindra Cotton | July 8, 2014 10:00 AM

tweet-iconIn previous posts, we’ve talked about the 4 Things You Should Know About Twitter as a Diversity Professional, and introduced you to the concept of Hashtag Diversity Chats on the popular real-news social network.  Today we’re sharing 10 Must-Have Diversity Resources on Twitter to help you better navigate the social space and follow the diversity-related conversation happening there.  We’ve also included some much needed terminology to help you get acclimated to the lingo on the network:

People to Follow: Following people on Twitter means you’re subscribing to their tweets (short 140 character messages they post), where their updates will appear in your Home Tab (or timeline).  It also means that person is able to send you direct messages (private tweets that only you can see).  Following people is an excellent way to find the type of news and updates that’s most of interest to you, and it’s a great way to follow what’s happening in your industry.  With that in mind, here are a few key diversity-related people on Twitter that you should be following:

  1. Denise O'Neil Green (@Diversity_Blog – Institutional Diversity Blog, Executive Editor. #DiversityCAN, #Diversity4US & Assistant Vice President/Vice Provost Equity, Diversity & Inclusion @RyersonU): Provides a great combination of informative tweets and other helpful online resources to promote the equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) conversation on the web.
  2. Brian Tippens, J.D. (@briantippens – HP Chief Diversity Officer): Enthusiastic provider of insightful links, tweets, and hashtags related to diversity and inclusion for business and industry; Author behind #TippensTips.
  3. Fields Jackson, Jr. (@fleejack – Founder & CEO at Racing Toward Diversity Magazine, Coordinator of Special Projects & adjunct professor @ChicagoState University): A great resource for diversity-related content for business and education, along with an excellent array of Twitter lists to follow to stay informed on the latest EDI news.
  4. Michael Bach, CCDP/AP (@diversity_dude – Founder & CEO of the @CIDI_ICDI. #Diversity #CDNdiversity #Canada #HR #DiversityChampion #BeYourWholeSelf):  An excellent resource for diversity-related news and updates with a Canadian perspective.

Note: If you’re logged into Twitter from the website, you’ll also likely see a “Who to Follow” tab that highlights people that Twitter things you’d like to read updates from, either based on the other types of people you follow, or the topics that seem of most interest to you.

Twitter Lists to Follow:  A Twitter List is a curated group of Twitter users, and a great way to organize your interests and minimize the traffic on your timeline.  With Twitter Lists, you can list the people and companies on Twitter that interest you (without following them), then return and review the list when you’re interested in seeing tweets from those users.  Here are a few highlighted Twitter Lists to get you started:

  1. Diversity Resources: Diversity-related resources on Twitter.
  2. Diversity Allies: A collection of people dedicated to supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives.
  3. Diversity Leaders: Corporate and Non-Profit Diversity & Inclusion Leaders – Thought Leaders on Twitter.

Hashtags to Follow:  A hashtag allows you to follow a relevant keyword or phrase as it’s happening on Twitter.  Here are a few key hashtags you should be following right now:

  1. #DiversityCAN (in Canada):  Focuses on the power diversity has to transform, disrupt, and innovate, essentially what diversity can do.  It also gives credence to how diversity is evolving in CANada. 
  2. #Diversity4US (in the U.S.):  Focuses on aspects of inclusion and will have a greater emphasis on the diversity conversation in the United States.
  3. #AskEDItech:  A resource provided by The Institutional Diversity Blog to answer tech and social media related questions in the equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) realm.

It should be noted that these resources are by no means an exhaustive list, just a start to point you in the right direction for learning to use Twitter to enhance your career!

My Question:

Are there any Twitter resources that you’ve found to be particularly helpful?

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